As a Singaporean, are there less touristy spots in SG to bring an overseas friend to?

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    Places that are not your usual Zoo/ Orchard Road/ Gardens by the Bay?

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    I recommend Art in Transit walk organised by Art Outreach Singapore. You get to explore the city on the MRT and get to know the art displayed at MRT stations. The art usually has something to do with the location of the MRT station. It's a great, simple way to discover the city not just for tourists but people who live in Singapore too! Info is at the bottom half of this page:

  • Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve ( or the MacrRitche treetop walk ( if your friend is an outdoorsy person. For food, go out to one of the more local hawker centres and just wander around. Or research first on one of the local foodie blogs to see what you want to try. is a good start.

  • I love bringing people to Bukit Brown cemetery, which is fascinating even for Singaporeans. It's a great place to explore Singapore's green side, as well as the history of Chinese immigrants, all from looking at really ornate and beautiful graves! A group of passionate citizen historians - called All Things Bukit Brown - conduct free walks a few times a month, and they're are great champions for preservation that deserve more support. Check them [out]( For a more chilled out experience, try a pottery class at a "dragon kiln" - it's in a sleepy part of western Singapore, and it's a totally different side to the glitzy, cosmopolitan image of Singapore most tourists have. Go read this story for more ideas:

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    Try Pulau Ubin! I recently brought a Vietnamese friend there and she loved it! Bicycle rental costs $8-10 per day (depending on the type of bicycle). If you're lucky, you might even spot birds like the hornbills!

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