Pollution - traveling by train vs by car

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    Is traveling by train more environmental friendly than by car? or is it the other way round?

  • Tech Admin

    @Lin-Yanqin Thanks! I'll bear this in mind when considering whether i hire a car or take the train .

  • Such a tough question, because the travel landscape is so varied! A train in Mongolia is unlikely to be the same as a train in Europe or Japan. Even in Europe, a fast train in France and a slow train in Hungary will have massively different carbon footprints. But figures show that globally, railway contributes less greenhouse emissions than car/motor travel, and you avoid contributing to air pollution (idling engines while driving in slow traffic etc) and congestion. Moreover, cars rarely fill up, while rail operators are incentivised to fill up trains as much as possible, and will adjust their schedules according to demand. In a developed country with well-maintained railways, trains are likely to be your best bet for environmentally-friendly travel.

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