Beach clean-up activity + eco-lodge in Bali?

  • Tech Admin

    Hello, I'm planning a trip to Bali. Would love to join in a beach clean-up and stay at an eco-friendly place. Does anyone have any recommendations to share? 🙂 thanks!

  • Beach clean-ups are a big thing in Bali! Try following groups like Trash Hero Canggu or One Island One Voice on social media to see when their next clean-up is, or for news of any events happening during your trip. I've also been exploring going back to North Bali for a trip, and came across Pemutaran, a town on the north coast that is home of one of the most successful Bio Rock programmes in the world - planting rocks underwater to let coral regenerate. It was a brainchild of the local community, which also organises beach clean-ups on a regular basis. I'll definitely check it out if I ever make a trip there and report back!

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