When travelling, what could be in packing list to reduce our impact on the environment?

  • Just wondering what are some practical suggestions we can be mindful of each time we pack our bags for the next trip

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    @Rebecca-Lim This is such a relatable question! When it comes to packing for my travels, I try to plan my outfits for each day, and pack them in a single Ziplock bag so that itโ€™s easier to pull them out without having to unpack my entire luggage. I tried switching to cloth packing cubes, but found that it takes up more space than a Ziplock would, because of the air it packs into your luggage. I have reverted back to using Ziplock bags since. I try to reuse them during the trip by using them to pack my clothes at the end of my travels, but I still end up creating a lot of waste. What else can I do? Love to hear your suggestions if any, @Sharon-Lok! Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Hey there, great that you want to do your part for the environment so kudos to you! The easiest way is to bring along your own tumblers & containers. One hack to pack less & light is to use the same container for both food and drinks. Protein shape bottles do great as they're good for holding liquid AND have openings wide enough for street snacks. These plastic bottle sare also super light and durable. Bring along some tissue so you can wipe down as and when. Clean the bottle at the end of the day. To save even more space, I sometimes stuff tissue in there as well! ![GUEST_e9002ef6-6aaa-4efe-a322-4f9f4a10371d.jpeg](/assets/uploads/files/1567762832118-guest_e9002ef6-6aaa-4efe-a322-4f9f4a10371d.jpeg) All the best!

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