What is a "better traveller"?

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    This site is called The Better Traveller. What exactly do you mean by the term "better traveller"?

  • @maitatoy @lynnchan @Eelin-Ong @Lin-Yanqin You are ALL right! Thank you for sharing your interpretation of what it means to be a Better Traveller! Indeed, Our Better World is about doing good where we live, right in our community, whereas with The Better Traveller, we hope to inspire travellers to do good while they're already on the move! Going on vacations is very much a regular thing for most city folks, and we want to make it easy for us to do good (for the environment and the communities we visit). And it can be in small ways. Like eating at a cafe that hires ex-offenders, or cycling through heritage sites in the city to reduce our carbon footprint. Small touches like these add up to a much bigger impact, that's better for people and better for our planet. 👣

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    To me, a better traveller is curious about the place, the people in that location and cares about what kind of impact is left behind by the visit. It could be leaving behind a clean room, not touching/stepping on monuments in order to get a perfect shot, packing extras from dinner for breakfast the next day and having a conversation with a local. I also think that a better traveller can start from home, we don't have to wait till we travel to be a better traveller. Plenty to explore at home too 🙂

  • I think being a Better Traveller is to be aware of all the little things you can do to create positive impact -- even just by your choice of restaurant or where to shop -- wherever you go. I think many of us have seen the dodgy impact of tourism and are leery of being that person who's making a place worse for the locals (littering! damaging monuments with selfie sticks!). I'd like to be that person that 1) minimise any negative impact, and 2) actually contribute something socially positive to my host community. I think it's also a journey that never ends - it's a trip you take for life! No one is going to be the perfect traveller overnight - the important thing is not to stop trying!

  • Hello Mai, to me, being a "better traveller" is to be a conscious and open-minded traveller. This includes things like: * Taking the effort to research on cultural/social norms in the country, especially if visiting indigenous countries! - ignorance is not an excuse! * Questioning everything you see/experience - Is it a sustainable practice? How much do they earn? Is that the average wage? * Be a gracious visitor by treating everyone kindly & equally! No one, especially not the locals, owes you anything * Go beyond just taking an insta-worthy shot of cultural places of interests (e.g temples), and sign up for an audio tour, or read all the signages everywhere! Did you really learn anything if you leave a place of attraction without any new knowledge? * When picking souvenirs, buy something that's locally produced and one-of-a-kind (#supportlocal!) instead of the mass produced bags of identical souvenirs I'm sure there are so many more, can't wait to hear the different interpretations!

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