How do you look out for the environment as you travel?

  • Hi there! I'm someone who loves exploring nature and different cultures when I travel. However, I know that tourism can sometimes negative affect the natural landscape. What are some ways you guys look out for the natural environment (which are sometimes also sacred to communities) when you travel?

  • Tech Admin

    I think we can all start with the little things, such as bringing reusable cutlery (titanium spork, anyone?), a pouch for waste and of course, a water bottle. While hiking ⛰ , always keep to the marked trails, respect the land and leave no traces of your adventure behind. Needless to say, don't feed the wild animals, even if they are oh so cute. This includes fruits, as they may not be part of their native diet. If you are camping 🏕 overnight, particularly at a site without a toilet, do bring a small shovel to bury your waste responsibly. Note that toilet paper should not be buried but bagged away to be taken with you when you leave. When washing up (yourself or your cutlery), keep detergent/shampoo/soap out of water sources such as rivers/streams/lakes. 🏞 Let's all do our part to look out for the environment! 🐸

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