Travel spots for young kids

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    I have a 14-month-old, are there sustainable travel spots that can accommodate wild-roaming (and loud) toddlers? 👶

  • @Lin-Yanqin Sounds like a great place to venture with my little one, without the hassle of flying. Thank you for these suggestions!

  • I think Green Acres Orchard in Penang is quite lovely for a short stay! It's a short flight from Singapore, the lodge has a pool and lots of green space to roam, and Penang itself has lots to keep people of all ages entertained, whether you are a foodie, durian-lover, just wanna chill in a nice boutique hotel, etc. Check out this [story]( for more about Green Acres, and this [story]( has loads of info about what to see and do in Penang. Another option could be Telunas Beach Resort, which is just couple of ferry rides away, so no need to fly with a baby! They have a great sustainability and empowerment ethos.

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