What's the most eco-friendly (or least damaging?) way to travel?

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    Taking a flight to a destination surely involves a much higher carbon footprint than taking a train or bus (?). But a plane can also carry many more passengers than a train or bus, right? How do people calculate this to determine the least damaging way to travel? 🤔

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    @Lin-Yanqin thanks for sharing! I shall be brave and find out how badly I'm damaging the planet =/

  • I like using this website https://shameplane.com/ -- it allows you to factor in your daily habits, like whether you own a car, are a vegetarian etc, to determine what your "allowance" is for air travel. It's a slightly more holistic view on how our habits contribute to carbon emissions - what we eat, how we shop, and how we travel. We may not like the results, but it's a fun and necessary exercise to sober up to the idea of whether we "need" that getaway to Bali. Personally, it has made me rethink how badly I need to travel, and encouraged me to avoid destinations that involve domestic flight transfers. I think everyone can make little choices like that will amount to something in the long run.

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