How do caregivers overcome their anxieties when the person they are caring for get a relapse from their recovery?

  • Recovery is not a linear process and as caregivers, the downs must be extremely frustrating. How can caregivers overcome their anxieties during these 'down' periods?

  • @lynnchan1 Generally relapse creates a frustrating situation . It also gives a feeling of never ending problem. Hopelessness, negative thoughts, too much of anxiety,low feelings creates depression also . But at that time it requires to understand & except the situation that—it’s bound to be there , we have to think how & what can be done. Also except that 100 % solution is not possible. Try your best & rest live to destiny because everything is not possible in one person’s limits. Let go things sometimes. Don’t try to make it perfect or micro manage things . Give task ( Pt.) which will give — the time involvement, Scene of responsibility, self respect , physical activity along with mental occupancy in a concrete and constructive manner. These Will diffidently takes towards the growth path .

  • It’s good to have a crisis plan in place so that caregivers would be more prepared and focused when their loved ones suffer a relapse. In a crisis, the rational part of our brain can be overwhelmed by our emotional part of our brain. This makes it hard for us to think or communicate clearly about what we need at that moment. A crisis safety plan relates to what we need to do during a mental health emergency. Do note that the crisis plan should be consultative and made in collaboration with your loved one.

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