How do we avoid caregiver burnout? How can we help manage caregiver stress?

  • Sometimes caregiver burnout happens even before we realize it... What are some ways we can take stock of our own well-being to ensure we as caregivers don't burn out?

  • @rasaldevashri very right

  • @lynnchan1 Caregivers constant involvement with patient at when reaches at saturation point — that is a warning sign— if there personal limitations of handling the situation. Before it comes caregivers has to understand or prepare for themselves that this is a life long or long term situation which need to be planned and deal with the intention of patient as well as self care . Like with other family members or some outside support which can give relief in between . Try to join peer group support system. Which can be a great relief. Try to talk to people who can understand you. Don't shy away from sharing what you are feeling or going through. As a caregiver unburden yourself is too important.

  • Caregivers will always worry for their loved ones. Thus, it’s very important for caregivers to practice self-care and be mindful of their own mental and physical health. Find and make time to self-care for caregivers’ own needs. They shouldn’t take their own health for granted. To be an effective caregiver, they must make a conscious effort to take care of themselves first so that they can better care for their loved ones. It may sound selfish, but if the caregiver is down physically and mentally, what will happen to the caring for their loved ones? So, caregivers, please find the little pleasures that you enjoy. Don’t feel guilty for having little pockets of me-time to yourself. You are helping your loved one by taking good care of yourself as well. Caregivers can consider attending caregiver training so that they can better support their loved ones. Don’t be shy to seek help. We have to start somewhere to better care for our loved ones. Do reach out to organisations like Caregivers Alliance Limited ( for support – CAL provides emotional support and caregiver training at no cost to caregivers residing in Singapore.

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