How can I support my friend who is a caregiver?

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    How can I support my friend who is a caregiver?

  • @Mai-Tatoy If your friend is caregiver see that he/she spend sometime for self care. Like - exercise , hobby , relax outing . You can take your friend for a cup of coffee which makes a lot of difference for caregivers stress relief. Sometime if you can spend some time with the patient which will also be a relief to him/her. Support group is another option which gives lots of insight to dealing with the situation. Suggest to join , if any Rehabilitation program around for their loved one (patient) will be definitely benefits by that .

  • It's tough and challenging being a caregiver of any kind, even more so when you are a caregiver for a person with mental health issues and do not have a proper support network. As a friend, you can support by being present and encourage the caregiver, especially when the going gets tough – show sincere care and concern. Do so without being judgemental. Be a safe listening ear for the caregiver to share their frustrations and concerns. Do not discount their feelings. There’s no solution for everything, thus, please help to remind the caregiver to recall the days before their loved one was diagnosed with mental illness. For caregiver who do not wish to say anything, do not force them to verbalise their concerns and frustrations. Just sit beside them – your presence is a source of comfort for them. If you are close enough, offer a reassuring touch so that they know that they are not alone in their caregiving journey – you are there for them.

  • I think the greatest form of support is to show up. Show up and listen to them. Show up by learning more about mental illness so as to better understand the struggles your friend might be going through. Show up to remind them they're never alone in their journey- and that it's not selfish for them to seek self care!

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