What should I do if someone came up to me to say that they are at the brink of committing suicide?

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    What would be the best way to approach a call for help like this?

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    @emiedecastro For me, I would really consider the faith and the belief system of the person before saying anything God-related. I totally agree with what you said about encouraging medical/professional advice though! And I'd add, we need to listen - really listen - to our friend and try to look at things from our friend's perspective and not our own.

  • @suemeilee giving a hug is the first and foremost thing that i will do to at least calm her/him and give the assurance that i do also care. secondly, i will share to her/him God's goodness and importance of life that we all should be thankful for and giving emphasis that others have been wanting to live longer, thus, we should value life. assure that she/he is loved and has a purpose in life based on what God's mission. and, lastly, encourage to seek for medical advice or professional advice so that she/he will open up further what made her/him behave like that. hope these will help and save lives.

  • Just listen to him or her intently. Don't scold or reprimand. Allow him or her to pour all the emotions. If it is possible check on her most of the time and if the emotion has subsidised accompany them to a therapist or motivate them to mingle with a group of people who will understand what the person is going through.

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