Is there enough support for caregivers in our society?

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    What can we do to make caregiver issues more visible so that they can get the support they need?

  • Hi There! The 1st step towards addressing mental health issues with the fellow human, be it the one who's suffering or Caregiver, is to break the stigma. Talk about the issues openly and let people know it's only a mental condition, just like any other physical ailment. More than words, we need action around this aspect. Arrange webinars, platforms to participate, share our stories and support each other. Let not anyone feel unheard or suffer in silence. Let's help people with their acceptance issues. We must encourage everyone in this journey to lead a normal life..and never be insensitive to one's being. It doesn't money. It needs efforts - willingness, courage and support. Just be there.

  • Hi I would like to state that there should be lots of awareness about mental health in india.There should be lots of support groups. My brother is epileptic and i have lots of issues handling him.His eplilepsy is not not normal epilpesy.There are lots many symptoms associated with it. The stigma attached with mental illness is very heavy So there should be many support groups available. I am the only care taker for my brother

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