How do we better manage mental health at workplaces?

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    Can we make workplaces more conducive for our mental well-being and more accepting of those with mental illness? Share your thoughts.

  • I wish a MC wasn't always necessary to 'prove' or 'justify' a person taking sick leave. While I'm sure this differs from company to company, country to country, such is the norm here in Singapore! Sometimes, a person might be going through a mental block and might need a stress relief day. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health, so why shouldn't coping our mental state without a MC be okay?

  • Tech Admin

    I think flexible arrangements is the keyword for structural changes. Flexibility in including mental wellness/treatment related expenses to be included in employee benefits. Flexibility in work timing and locations. Empathy will be mykeyword for team dynamics. Understanding the teammate, providing that little extra care in the choice of words at workplace and a listening ear will help.

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