What does coping look like to you?

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    Different people cope differently. Share with us what coping means to you.

  • Coping is being involved in an activity that steals you away for the moment and lets you forget about any worries or stress that has been weighing you down. For me, that activity has always been art & dance - painting, drawing, dancing, pottery, sewing etc. I love love love how immersive art & dance is, as well as how accessible it is. I've heard from several friends they're hesitant to start because there's a high barrier - "I don't have any experience. I don't know how to do it!" but fact is everyone has a pen & paper at home, and everyone has a space for them to move. If you're willing to replace the idea of 'I'm creating a piece for approval from others' with 'I'm creating a piece to find peace with myself' - the experience becomes very different and therapeutic.

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