Has COVID-19 affected your mental health?

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    How do we overcome this pandemic while paying attention to our mental wellbeing? Share your thoughts or ask a question.

  • @Zah I salute you for being appreciative. God loves us all. TC and be safe always. Don't worry too much. Rain do pour out to give life to plants and sunshine to help them produce their food, thus, there is no reason for you to worry for everything is in accordance to His will. Sending our love and hugs ...

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    @emiedecastro Love what you said about gratitude! Making the conscious choice to be grateful has really helped me get through some tough days. When it comes to worrying, I find that sometimes I tend to worry about things beyond my control (like this pandemic), and it makes me feel utterly helpless. But I've found that sometimes coming up with small actions I can take (like doing my part to be socially responsible) and trusting that everyone is doing the same (if not more) often helps me put my worries to rest, or at the very least calms it down. Sending lots of love to everyone trying to navigate this crazy times! <3

  • @Mai-Tatoy By being greatful every morning that we are all still alive is a great blessing and eases stress about pandemic . Also, a very effective way to maintain mental wellness. ... if worrying brings no good to us, then, worry no more .

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