Depression and bipolar disorder

  • Well,my is an ITP patient from the past 9 years.My father is working out of country and it has been 6 months. At the beginning she was okay with her being alone and handling our family which is a joint one. But now since you all know how currently the situation is around the world, the pandemic! Now from the past 1 week I have been noticing her symptoms and that she's not doing well. After taking a look about the mental illness article I've come across that she has depression and it also may be a bipolar disorder. So I want help from you guys how to go about and stuffs. And i'm tensing alot about her mental health. Please do reply soon and give suggestions on this matter ASAP.

  • Community Admin

    We are not doctors nor are we experts in mental health so it's best you go to the experts to get the help she needs. We suggest you bring her to a medical mental health professional in your area to get a proper diagnosis. That may be difficult in a pandemic, but a lot of doctors do online consultations now to keep their patients and themselves safe. See how it's being done where you live.