Let's talk about human trafficking

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    Trafficking is a global problem requiring complex solutions; as individuals, how can we play a role in addressing the problem and supporting survivors?

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    @gizellealpuerto I like your suggestions, Gizelle! Participating in the local economy helps secure jobs which stems the need for people to venture off and possibly risk their lives to trafficking. It's a good reminder that we all can't do everything, but we can do something. Even the act of listening can provide support to the downtrodden. Thanks so much, Gizelle.

  • Economic disparity leads to poverty and poverty plays a major role in Human trafficking. As the old saying goes " Humans are always in search of a greener pasture " During this time, especially when almost every country is experiencing economic slump. Poverty is at its highest. Many people in search for better finances would easily give in to trafficking or other illegal activities in exchange for a few hundred dollars just to put food on the table. As an ordinary citizen we can help ease this problem. By buying locally produced goods first. Economic initiative such as this would ensure that many jobs is secured. Giving small businesses an equal share of market in established shopping centers and online markets can also create more jobs. Finance sectors can also do their share in granting loans to small and medium microenterprrise. Hereby ensuring sustainability of small businesses. Abiding the the health protocols imposed by the government such as curfew hours and border control. This measures do not only keep us safe from contacting the virus but it also protects us from petty crimes and predators such as human traffickers. Social support also plays an important role. We can extend a little portion of our time in less privileged areas listening to their woes. Listening can be a small act but it helps a lot. By expressing our sympathy towards them we also lift their spirit. We can help them see hope in this trying time. Hence it will prevent them from resorting to desperate and dangerous methods like human trafficking.

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