Let's talk about refugees

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    LET'S TALK ABOUT IT: Has the refugee issue fallen "off your radar" as a result of reduced media coverage compared to a few years ago? What are some first steps you can take to encourage greater awareness and action? Share your ideas here.

  • Our country has several indigenous tribes and often times they are neglected. In a way this people were displace in the land of their ancestors, hence becoming a refugee in their own right. Thought their condition is far more better than other refugees economic disparity cannot be discounted. However during the Country wide community quarantine a measure imposed by the government to curb the spread of COVID 19. The indigenous tribes were the among the top most priority in financial aids. Some legislators also suggested to limit import of goods which gives local manufacturers a good share of the market hereby boosting our own agriculture sector which most indigenous tribe rely on for survival. As the community quarantine start to ease. Several local designers launched fashionable face mask which uses handwoven fabrics by indigenous tribes. Thru this simple creative initiative of fashion industry. The indigenous tribe were given a fair share of the market, Thereby they have an access to more economic gain not to discount the fact of showcasing Filipino craftsmanship and Bayanihan spirit.

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