How can you contribute to stopping the extinction of pangolins?

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    Did you know about [pangolins]( before viewing this story? What is your impression of them now? How can you contribute to stopping their extinction?

  • We need to internalize that wildlife belong in the wild- not on our plates. There hasn't been any scientific evidence that pangolin scales (which humans so aggressively demand) have medicinal or healing properties, but yet there is still constant demand for them due to lack of awareness 😞 I also understand that some local poachers chose this trade out of necessity, to put food on the plate back home. The wildlife trade is after all, extremely lucrative and immensely complex with various different players who are in it for their own vested interests. So to hear that Save Vietnam's Wildlife is tackling this issue from so many fronts - conservation, rehabilitation, anti-poaching units and community outreach - is so heartwarming and encouraging! Please, let's all do our parts to help save pangolins from extinction!

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