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What is resilience? Is it something we are born with?

  • [Conversation starter] What is resilience? Is it something we are born with?

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    While we can wield our might to be as strong and as resilient as we can be, some people need that extra nudge to build their resilience. For instance, if one grows up in a household where his parents are verbally abusive, it might take him a lot more effort to fight his inner demons (i.e. being self-critical, low self-esteem, etc.) than someone who's confident having grown up in a health household.

    Of course, like what @maitatoy has mentioend - resilience is a muscle that we need to flex! It's just that we have to acknowledge some people are born to be more athletic than others. 😉

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    I think resilience is something that is learned. I reckon it's like a muscle - you need to exercise it often for it to strengthen. Life will deal us all with many ups and downs and the capacity to recover from the downs is a skill and an attitude that you learn along the way.

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