What is recovery to you?

  • [Conversation starter} What is recovery to you?

  • Recovery to us is less a goal and more a healthy state of mind. Think about what a happy day looks like; recovery to us is just about having more good than bad days. This is not to say that bad days will never happen again. However, building mental resilience means we can identify our bad days and have positive strategies and good habits to get us through these tough times! Recovery is also accepting that we deserve all our good days as the norm.

  • @maitatoy Yes to feeling our feelings! Sometimes it's difficult to come to terms with especially difficult feelings, so much so that we want to just bury them or deny their existence. A perfectly normal human response to pain. But acknowledging them is is a great first step to recovery, and thereafter externalising those feelings, like you said. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this!

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    Recovery is a process that is so unique to the individual. In my experience, recovery is meeting myself where I am and providing the care that I need at a particular moment. It is also the courage to ask for help from others. Recovery is an ebb and flow process. It is giving myself permission to feel my feelings - without judgement or guilt - to get it out of my system. Recovery is a long journey towards self-love and acceptance.

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