I would like advice on helping survivors of suicide who are not just mothers. I have a friend whose husband committed suicide. How do we help them? Do we talk about the suicide?

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  • It's always heartbreaking losing a loved one, be it through natural causes, illness or accidents. But to lose someone to suicide leaves behind so many unanswered questions, and it can be difficult to find closure. One of our team mates lost a friend to suicide; she chose to talk through it with her psychologist because dealing with feelings of guilt, anger, despair is overwhelming. So yes, talk about it. Talk to someone who might know the deceased. Grieve together, reminisce together, heal together. Also, please know that healing doesn't have to follow an expected timeline, you're allowed to take as long as you want. Knowing this is always a great first step in understanding what closure really means to you, and those around you.

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