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We talked a lot about helping youth and helping our children. But does anyone have advice on how we can help our parents?

  • This is one of the questions submitted by our community during our recent event on the theme of mental health. To open the question up to the rest of our community, we are posting this on their behalf. If you have the answer to this question, reply in this thread so that your knowledge or experience can benefit someone else.

  • The main reason why it's hard for parents to consider their children's mental health illness seriously is because of lack of communication and also the difference in age gap plus the timelines that they have lived on. Parents should take the initiative to ask his or her child about their day at school or ask them if there are any problems. I suggest that they make a daily routine of conversation with their child to activities such as finishing sentences which starts with pertaining to emotions. For example: "I feel happy today because...", "I felt sad today because..." "I feel angry today because..." And the like it should consist of positive and negative emotions even including the in-betweens. By the way I am not a parent yet, I am just 22 years old. And I'm speaking in the point of view of a child. I learnt the activity from a page in facebook called "Specialbooks by Special Kids". And I think it's a great exercise for parents and their children to bond and be open with each other.

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