Activities during hols

  • Not thinking so much along the lines of volun-tourism, but are there more hands-on activities or things to do or learn during a vacation that won't tax the environment too much? What are some that you've tried and would recommend?

  • Maybe a sustainable farming experience? That way, you can have a bit of fun while learning about how to do things in a more sustainable way (and maybe score some yummy produce along the way). [Green Acres Orchard]( in Penang is a great getaway if you are in Malaysia or plan to travel there. In Singapore, Bollywood Veggies and Citizen Farm have activities for the public that could be fun, whether it's farming and composting, or even cheese-making! If you are more into history and culture, look out for workshops that teach local crafts like weaving and painting, like [Greenroutes](' Warli art day trip in India, or [Torajamelo's]( homestays in Indonesia. Check out websites like [Local Alike](, which helpfully provide a platform to check out and book tours directly, and which also explain the kind of impact you can make by taking part in these tours.

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