• Many people say that practicing self-care is good for your mental health... but what exactly is self-care? What are some ways I can practice self-care? What are your go-to self-care routines?

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    @thetapestryproject-sg I love how diverse the meaning of self-care is! You made me see how self-care is also self-defined. What replenishes one person may actually exhaust another! Interesting how we are all so different. My version of self-care is time in nature, taking a long walk. Most days I prefer being alone - that's my self-care. Every once in a while, I meet up with a friend whose company fills me - rather than empties me. That is self-care too. 🙂

  • Self-care is, very simply, healthy habits or activities that give you and your brain space and time to relax. We all need a break once in a while, and the key to knowing what self-care practices suit you or when you need self-care is to be mindful and check in with yourself. Self-care habits vary from person to person. Some people on our team are proud mothers to cats and potted plants and their form of self-care is a lazy afternoon stroking said cat, or heading out to adopt more plants! Others like taking a day off work or social interactions to play video games, or to lie around in bed listening to music. Basically doing whatever helps you to re-charge.

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    @lynnchan Thanks for your question, Lynn! When people use the word "self-care" it's usually in the context of a caregiver - someone who is caring for another. This makes sense because you can't give what you don't have, so if you're running on empty, no one benefits from that - including yourself. Here's a list of tips and helplines that can get you started:

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