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  • RE: Sadness vs depression

    We all get sad sometimes, and we are usually aware of the reason. Had a fight with your best friend, lost your favourite thing... that's sadness, in general.

    As for depression, as least the way I see it, one does not know the reason why one is down. You could be in Maldives, floating on crystal clear water, away from all concerns of life, sipping a pina colada... and yet feel an overwhelming sense of sadness. And you do not know why.

    It can be posited that there are still reasons, perhaps deep-seated issues, that have been repressed... But to the person experiencing depression, it is simply a loss of logic as to why one can feel as such.

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  • RE: How do you look out for the environment as you travel?

    I think we can all start with the little things, such as bringing reusable cutlery (titanium spork, anyone?), a pouch for waste and of course, a water bottle.

    While hiking ⛰ , always keep to the marked trails, respect the land and leave no traces of your adventure behind. Needless to say, don't feed the wild animals, even if they are oh so cute. This includes fruits, as they may not be part of their native diet.

    If you are camping 🏕 overnight, particularly at a site without a toilet, do bring a small shovel to bury your waste responsibly. Note that toilet paper should not be buried but bagged away to be taken with you when you leave.

    When washing up (yourself or your cutlery), keep detergent/shampoo/soap out of water sources such as rivers/streams/lakes. 🏞

    Let's all do our part to look out for the environment! 🐸

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  • RE: Let's get to know each other - answer 3 SIMPLE questions about your favourite Asian country!

    Taiwan is really special to me too! 😁

    I spent 10 days in Taiwan looking for hiking trails from the South to the North. I was amazed by the hospitality of the locals at nearly every hiking destination. A fond memory was an elderly couple insisting that I hydrate with some homemade brew after I made it to a top of a long trail in the Alishan National Scenic Area. Wow. The trails were remarkably clean as well.

    When I stayed at a "minsu", I dined on organic veggies grown fully at their backyard. Likewise, they shared how all food waste went into the compost and how they abstain from using any chemicals for their plants and even their cleaning.

    Some time after the trip, my wife and I started a little garden at home and it really pleases me to be able to pluck fresh mint/curry leaves, chilli padis and such, when we need some! I am looking to see how I can compost my food back home as well!

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